About Us:
We want you to feel at home at Richmond Hill. Because of that, we have put together a few frequently asked questions to help make you feel more comfortable and find your way around.

Where do I park?
Feel free to park wherever you like. There are plenty of parking spaces around our sanctuary and Family Life Center, as well as along the edge of the cemetery.

How should I dress?
Dress comfortably. Some people dress casually, others will be in their "Sunday best". Don't worry about what you wear - we just want you to feel at home!

What should I bring?
A Bible will help you follow along with the message during the Worship Service, as well as in Sunday School and on Wednesday nights. If you don't have a Bible or happen to forget your's, the scripture will be projected during the both services, and Bibles are available in the sanctuary pews during the Traditional Service.

What kind of music should I expect?
Our Modern Worship Service features modern worship music lead by our praise band Nehemiah's Wall, and our Traditional Service includes the classic congregational hymns. However, during a typical service you will hear a variety of musical styles, from solos, to choir medleys, to instrumental bell performances.

What about my children?
We offer a special Children's Church program during the Modern Worship Service every Sunday for Kindergarten and below, and on certain others Sundays of each month for 1st through 6th graders. The children will be invited to go attend if they like following the announcements.
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